Villain Overview
A little fib couldn't hurt anybody.
~ The Fib to Junior.
That's the thing about fibs, Junior, we grow! Now that I'm big, it's my turn to call the shots! And you belong to me!
~ Fib to Junior.
Even a little lie can get really big, REALLY fast! And a BIG lie can just swallow you up! And Junior, you made a REALLY BIG LIE!
~ The Fib

Fibrilious Minimus, better known as the Fib, is the main antagonist in the VeggieTales episode Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space!. He is an alien who appears from an unknown galaxy. He has the power to grow and shrink to lies and truths and seeks to destroy the world.

He was voiced by Tim Gregory.


The Fib is truly manipulative, traitorous, violent and deceiving. At first, he seems to be helpful and cooperative when he helps Junior get out of trouble. But when he reaches his maximum height, he begins to be rather destructive and obstreperous when he causes a mess.

He is also very greedy, oppressive, temperamental and dangerous when he tried to eat Junior and LarryBoy. Just like the old saying, one little lie can get bigger and bigger, that is what the Fib does.


The Fib first appears as a foreign object detected by the Bumblyburg Science Lab. This prompts the lab to contact Larryboy, who goes out in his Larrymobile to locate the alien.

The Fib lands in a neighborhood and hides out in Junior Asparagus' house. The next day, while Junior is having a tea party with his friend Laura Carrot, he accidentally breaks his dad's decorative bowling plate (which prompts Laura to leave immediately). Shortly after this happens, Fib appears and introduces himself to Junior. He then urges Junior to lie about breaking the plate to avoid getting on trouble. Junior is reluctant at first, but Fib convinces him to do it, saying that "a little fib couldn't hurt anybody".

Junior's Dad then comes home from work. When he sees the broken plate, he immediately asks Junior what happened. Junior, being encouraged by Fib, fabricates a story accusing Laura of breaking the plate with an "apple chopper". Junior's Dad believes this and leaves to go call Laura's father.

Fib then emerges to congratulate Junior, and has gotten slightly bigger. The two of them then go off to wander around Bumblyburg.

Later, Junior is confronted by his friend Percy Pea, who reveals that Laura had been punished for breaking the plate, even though she said that it was Junior who broke it, and demands to know the truth. Junior tells another lie and claims that it was actually Laura's brother Lenny who broke the plate by "feeding it to a crocodile". Shocked, Percy leaves.

Fib returns to Junior, and is now taller than him and has legs. Fib once again congratulates Junior for telling a lie, telling him that he is "got the gift" and has "what it takes". The two resume wandering around Bumblyburg.

Later that evening, Junior is confronted by Laura, Percy, and Lenny, who all rage at Junior over the lies he's told about them. Junior tells yet another falsehood when he claims that the plate was broken by "space aliens who'd switched brains with cows", but Percy thereupon sees through this when he reveals that he just saw a movie with that as its plot. He then angrily rants at Junior for telling another lie.

At that moment, Fib reappears and finally shows his true colors. Fib has now grown into a massive, towering monster. He snatches up Junior and goes on a destructive rampage throughout Bumblyburg. Junior asks why Fib was doing this, and Fib reveals that, because of Junior's lies making him bigger, he could cause all of the havoc that he just wanted.

Larryboy then appears on the scene and demands that the Fib release Junior. Fib dares Larryboy to come after him, and takes Junior to the Water Tower. Larryboy goes after the monster in his jet and jumps out to try and save Junior; however, Fib also captures him. Fib then declares that he was going to eat both Junior and Larryboy and decides to eat Larryboy first. However, before he can, it is revealed that Junior could stop the Fib.

Junior realizes what he needs to do and finally confesses to breaking his dad's bowling plate. He further admits that he also lied about both Laura and Lenny, each time causing Fib to shrink, until he finally disappears.

Afterwards, Junior apologizes to his dad for breaking the plate, admitting that the reason he lied was because he was afraid that he would be mad at him. Dad admits that he figured Junior breaking the plate was an accident, and tells him that, from now on, he wanted Junior to tell the truth about things like that, which Junior promises to do.


  • His appearance helped set up the events of LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed, because the prologue had several references to it as well, as LarryBoy determined to find more space aliens.