Even a little lie can get really big, really fast! And a big lie can just swallow you up! And Junior, you made a really big lie! Ha ha ha ha!
~ The Fib

Fibrilious Miniums, better known as the Fib, is the main antagonist in the VeggieTales episode Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space!. He is an alien who appears from an unknown galaxy. He has the power to grow and shrink to lies and truths and seeks to destroy the world.

He was voiced by Tim Gregory.


When he was about to land on earth. Jimmy and Jerry discovered about it when it was falling into the atmosphere, so they sent LarryBoy to look for it. After landing in Bumblyburg, Fib became Junior's "friend" when his dad's plate broke and he told him to make up a story that someone else broke it.

After Junior told so many lies, Fib became gigantic enough to cause destruction in Bumblyburg, and took Junior in his clutches.

When LarryBoy tried to intervene, he became trapped by the fib. The monster was about to succeed in eating them, but then Junior realizes only he could stop it, he told the truth and Fib shrink to nothingness.

However, another fib landed in Bumblyburg later, but this one is red, instead of blue.


The Fib is truly manipulative, traitorous, violent, and deceiving. At first, he seems to be helpful and cooperative when he Junior get out of trouble. But when he reaches his maximum height, he begins to be rather destructive and obstreperous when he causes a mess. He is also very greedy, oppressive, temperamental, and dangerous when he tried to eat Junior and LarryBoy. Just like the old saying, one little lie can get bigger and bigger, that is what the Fib does.