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"The Son of God used His Right Hand to cure the illnesses of the sick and revive the deceased. It was the Right Hand which drew the Cross and scattered the Holy water used for the Baptism of Christ. Furthermore, the Right Hand of The Likeness of God has the distinction of being the greatest weapon in history, having cast down an uncountable number of Fallen Angels; even The One Who Challenged the Light was defeated when opposed by the Right Hand of The Likeness of God. It is such an overwhelming power."
~ Fiamma of the Right to the defeated Pope Matthai Reese

Fiamma of the Right (in Japanese: 右方のフィアンマ Uhō no Fianma) is a character introduced in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series. He is the leader of God's Right Seat and the true de-facto ruler of the Roman Orthodox Church, leading it from behind the scenes for some time and manipulating the Pope Matthai Reese for his own personal agenda. He appears as the primary antagonist of the God's Right Seat Arc and the second half of the original series. However once his authority over the Roman Church is discovered, he is revealed to have been the true main antagonist and bigger bad of the entire original Toaru Majustu no Index series.


Fiamma of the Right is a tall young man with a rather lanky appearance and has golden eyes with fiery red hair along with a red suit and pants as his typical attire. He always has a calm look on his face with a calculated expression and a calm smile all the time. This is due to his plans succeeding all the time although after his master plan had failed, his expression changes to that of Aleister Crowley; cold indifference.


Fiamma of the Right is an arrogant, self-centered, sarcastic individual who is delusional in his beliefs that what he does is for the greater good even if it means distorting the world and starting another world war. He's a solitary and isolated man focused more on his plans than others. As the leader of God's Right Seat, he seeks to become the "One Above God" and acquire both Godhood and Ultimate Salvation. He manages to acquire these goals however he betrays his former followers and is not afraid to abandon anyone he sees as unfit.


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