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Fettauge is an antagonist in the German movie "Die Wilden Kerle". He is a member of the gang "Die unbesiegbaren Sieger" (in English: the "Unbeatable Victors"). He and the Sieger occupy the football field of the "Wilden Kerle".

He alongside the "Unbesiegbaren Sieger" occupy the football field of the "Wilden Kerle".

The "Sieger" break into the kiosk on the football field and steal drinks, spilling most of them for the fun of it. They then prepare to spy on the "Wilden Kerle".

Fettauge participates in the attack on Camelot, the treehouse of the "Wilden Kerle". He is the first one ordered by Michi to attack. When the "Wilden Kerle" shoot him with water pistols, he slips and slides into a tube and into a net, leaving him to scream at Michi for help.

At the match for the field, he plays for the "Sieger".

He alongside the other "Sieger" leave the football field when they are defeated. To prevent the "Wilden Kerle" to spread tales of their victory, the "Sieger" serve the "Wilden Kerle" at their field.


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