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Fetrin Corthoc was a minor villain in the Star Trek novel Tower of Babel. A Zami from Rigel IV, Corthoc was part of the First Families of Rigel. Corthoc was a large man and particularly twisted member of a clan that was well known for its brutality towards common Zami.

Corthoc was a pedophile who abused a number of young female servants working at the family compound. Younger servants learned to stick to the back passageways to avoid Corthoc. While he tended to lose interest in women after they became adults the other Corthoc were no better, and servants stuck to the back passageways to aviod them.

When Starfleet officer Valeria Williams infiltrated the Corthoc mansion to hack into the family mainframe in order to determine the location of kidnapped fellow officers Samuel Kirk and Grev, Corthoc spotted her in the hallways. Grabbing her, he proceeded to grope her until he got a good look at her face and proclaimed the 27 year old Williams to be too old for him.

A short time later Williams was in the process of hacking into the mainframe when Corthoc had found a young girl to satisfy his appetites. Corthoc was in the process of ripping the young girl's clothing off when Williams came to the rescue a few seconds later, kicking Corthoc hard in his right knee. The two ran off while Corthoc tried to right his bulk all while screaming for guards.

While Williams was able to keep the young servant from being raped it meant that she and the girl had to flee. This delayed the rescue of Kirk and Grev, and Kirk meanwhile was tortured by Malurians and First Family agents for information during this time.