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Ferule Gleet

I wonder what you actually did to deserve it?
~ Ferule Gleet to Quintinius about his position in the Academy

A sly, menacing, sinister man, Ferule Gleet was a seconday antagonist in the second book of The Edge Chronicles. He pretended to be Quintinius' friend, but in reality he was his foe. He loathed everything about Quintinius and distrusted his position and loyalty to Sanctaphrax.

He painted Quintinius' portrait, mocking Quintinius for not being still. He made Quintinius wear rusty armour and then painted the armour to make it look brand new. He was always out for rumours and gossip.

Ferule was also, unfortunately, a good friend of Vilnix Pompolnius and he agreed to forge Quintinius' handwriting and write letters to mess up his contact with Maris. Ferule said some hurtful things in his letters and framed Quintinius for it. He was actually one who got away with his crime; everybody blamed Vilnix.

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