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Ferra and Torr are characters from the 2015 fighting video game, Mortal Kombat X. They are the antagonists of the game working for Kotal Kahn for the accomplishment of his plans.


Ferra is a small warrior with clawed gauntlets on both of her hands. She sits atop the large brute, Torr, who wears a frayed piece of cloth tied to his face bound by ropes, a single hole in the cloth exposing one of his red eyes. Both wear spiked armor, including shoulder and leg plates, while Ferra wears various leather straps bound around her body and Torr uses ropes to hold his armor and clothes in place. Ferra wears some type of ankle pads on her feet while Torr wears sandals.


Ferra and Torr are a mix between savage, barbaric, and destructive in nature - Ferra is the brains and handles the communications. Torr is a hulking brute, who doesn't speak much, but instead uses grunts.

As a byproduct of being a Symbiotic race, Ferra and Torr get along well together and display concern for the other. When Ferra/Torr win a fight (without using a fatality), Ferra will playfully congratulate Torr saying "good boy", with Torr responding with a grunt that almost says what she calls him.


Mortal Kombat X

Ferra and Torr appear as enforcers for Kotal Kahn. When Kung Jin interrupts the execution of an Outworld citizen guilty of theft and defeats Erron Black, Ferra and Torr arrive to break up the fight. Takeda Takahashi, Jaqui Briggs, and Cassie Cage all attempt to single-highhandedly take on Torr, but were brushed aside; however Kung Jin prevented Torr from injuring them further. Ferra and Torr face off against kung Jin, but were defeated, leaving Ferra trapped under Torr's unconscious body.

The duo later appear alongside Kotal Kahn when he arrives in Earthrealm to reclaim Shinnok's Amulet. Ferra and Torr confront Jaqui, after she defeats Reptile and Ermac, they were defeated and quickly recovered to attack Takeda. The two easily beat the weakened Takeda (the latter whom was exhausted from fighting Kotal's soldiers) and throws him to his comrades. As Kotal's forces surround the group, Ferra and Torr were the first to rush to finish off the group, however they were both frozen by Sub-Zero as he and the Lin Kuei soldiers come to rescue to Earthrealmers. It's unknown what happened to the pair, but it is assumed that they returned to Outworld with their comrades.

Powers and Abilities

Torr's sheer size gives him superhuman strength and durability, easily allowing him to overpower his opponents, while Ferra's smaller frame gives her nimble speed and her bladed gauntlets give her a deadly cut. The duo work well together with Ferra ordering Torr; Torr himself even uses Ferra in conjunction with his charging attacks, adding extra damage. Ferra can also hurt Torr with her claws to enrage him, giving his attacks a stronger edge.

Ferra and Torr don't always have to work together, as Torr can fight solo with Ferra stands on the sidelines cheering him on. This doesn't make him any less dangerous, as he is somewhat enhanced with brutish moves in place of Ferra, allowing Torr to become more aggressive with on kombat with the addition of moves he wouldn't be able to perform with Ferra.


Stomp and smash Torr!
~ Farra & Torr

Ferra/Torr am strong.
~ Ferra/Torr

Crush you, skinny!
~ Ferra/Torr vs Cassie Cage

Your eyes such pretty. We c'lect. Each get one.
~ Ferra and Torr to Cassie Cage

We see you. She want's to play Torr.
~ Ferra & Torr vs Cassie Cage

Torr make bug paste.
~ Ferra/Torr to D'Vorah

Four arms.
~ Ferra/Torr vs Goro

Pretty girl. Lay down. Sleep.
~ Ferra and Torr vs Jacqui

Pretty little girl.
~ Ferr and Torr to Jacqui

Me hear Torr just fine!
~ Ferra & Torr to Jax

Ferra/Torr want your eyes!
~ Ferra & Torr vs Jax



  • Ferra/Torr are the second pair characters to take up one character roster slot, the other being Noob and Smoke.
  • There is a possibility that Ferra can understand Torr's usual grunts, which is his way of vocalizing.
  • In reference to Ferra/Torr, Ermac will say that "We are many, you are but two".
    • In addition, when fighting Ferr/Torr, Erron Black may say "You two deserve each-other".
  • Although they are two people, Ferra says that she and Torr act as one. Interestingly, she almost always refers to them as Ferra/Torr, rather than Ferra and Torr.
  • Torr's physical strength exceeds Goro's strength.


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