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Fernand Mondego, a.k.a. General Fernand de Morcerf, is a major antagonist in Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

Role in the Story

Fernand Mondego, prior to the beginning of the story, was once one of Edmond Dantes' best friends, having been friends since childhood. It was when Mercedes and Edmond were due to be wed, however, that Fernand's jealousy for his friend began to overtake him. After the death of Edmond's old ship captain, Fernand was given the opportunity to betray his friend by Jullian Danglars, who intended to frame Edmond for a crime he never committed. Together, their conspiracy destroyed Edmond's life as he knew it, and, with Gerard de Villefort's actions, Fernand managed to get away with his actions and married Mercedes sometime afterward.

Sometime after that, the Janina campaign began, and he saw this as an opportune moment to get wealthy. Betraying the Pasha of Janina and murdering him, he sold a young Haydee Tebelin and her mother into slavery, the latter dying shortly afterward. With the wealth he stole from the Pasha, he created a new last name for himself and Mercedes, replacing their last name "Mondego" with "de Morcerf" and becoming fake aristocrats in the process.

Several years later, Fernand's son, Albert, would introduce the Count to his father and mother, and they would have dinner together. During this time, the Count managed to get on the Morcerf's good side.

Fernand is later seen at a shooting range advising his son on how to win his fiance over. Later, Fernand and Mercedes visit the opera house, where Fernand sees that the Count has purchased the prince's balcony for his use in the theatre. Things take a turn for the worse when Fernand lays his eyes on Haydee, whose subsequent post-traumatic stress kicked in and made her faint.


In his youth, Fernand's hair was blackish-brown like his wife and son's. However, it has since been greying over time. He also has a greying beard as well. Normally, the General wears a white military uniform.


While initially appearing to be a good man at first, once the Count begins to mess with Fernand's mind and reputation, Fernand's true colors surface. He is, in actuality, a cowardly oppurtunist, looking for any means to gain more and more power. Regardless of this, however, he has been shown to give extremely good dating advice, such as when he informs his son Albert to give Eugenie the invitation to the opera.