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Ferguson Richie Rich
Guess what, professor? In 30 seconds, you won't even recognize your little friends anymore!
~ Ferguson

Ferguson is the secondary villain of the 1994 Richie Rich film and the accomplice to Lawrence Van Dough.

He is portrayed by Chelcie Ross.

He starts as the rude and thuggish chief of security of Rich Industries and occasionally manhandles Richie, justifying it by claiming that it's his job to protect him. This is the audience's first indication that he is not a good guy. Van Dough enlists his help in taking over Rich Industries and framing Cadbury the butler for the Riches' disappearance. When the Riches are rescued, Van Dough orders him to murder Richie and his friends to prevent them from interfering. He tries to use one of Professor Keenbean's machines to dispose of them, but is foiled at the last second by the professor.

During the final showdown on Mount Richmore, Ferguson shoots at the Riches with a rock-cutting laser, mutilating the faces on Mount Richmore but doing no harm to the family. Cadbury then knocks him out and uses the laser to sabatoge Van Dough. He and Ferguson are then summarily dismissed and arrested.

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