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Ferdek in his armchair.

I declare that I'm going out and I don't know when I'll return!
~ Resentful Ferdek
There are things on this world, which weren't even dreamed by physiologists.
~ Popular phrase used by Ferdek

Ferdynand Kiepski, also known as Ferdek, is the main protagonist in the famous Polish comedy series Świat według Kiepskich. His laziness and rabble are almost legend.


Ferdek was born in 1950. He married Halina in 1975 and they have two children Waldek and Mariola. Before 1981 he was selling the water in Świdnicka Street in Wrocław. Now he is unemployed, but  often assumes businesses to earn money, but usually he failed. He live in Wrocław on Ćwiartki 3/4 Street with his wife Halina and daughter Mariola. Before, with them lived Halina's mother Rozalia, (who was in conflict with Ferdek), but she died in 2007 and their son Waldek who went to USA in 2005. He returned in 2011, but now he live with his wife Jolanta, who is hated by his father. Ferdynand's next door neighbours are Marian and Helena Paździoch. Ferdek hates Marian and very often arguing with him, but they can  collaborate to earn a lot of money. They also like drinking vodka on the night. His second neigbour is Arnold Boczek. In elder episodes they were good friends, but now Ferdek is very mean to Arnold, and still insulting him. The third neighbour was old man Borysek. Ferdek liked him, but considered that he is pervert. Very often visits him Edzio, who is the postman. Ferdek don't like and calling him a shrimp and think that he's very stupid, but it isn't truth. His best friends are homeless alcoholic Kazimierz Barura and the CEO of housing association Andrzej Kozłowski. He had very good relationship with his son, but it's getting worse when Waldek returned from USA. Ferdek often arguing with his daughter Mariola, but he very loves her.


Ferdek is very lazy, but clever. In elder episodes, he is very cheerful and enthusiastic, but later becomes peevish, truculent, unfriendly, and quarrelsome. He is also very ill-tempered, cantankerous, vindictive, impatient, spiteful, bearish, touchy, gruff, furious, and quite arrogant. In his opinion the most important value in honor.

Main classes

  • Drinking beer Mocny Full
  • Lying on armchair
  • Watching TV
  • Arguing with Marian Paździoch
  • Arguing with Rozalia
  • Insulting Arnold Boczek
  • Drinking vodka
  • Stealing Rozalia's pension
  • Coming up with new ways to earn money.


  • Halina Kiepska - wife
  • Waldemar Kiepski - son
  • Mariola Kiepska - daughter
  • Rozalia Małolepsza - mother-in-law (died in 2007)
  • Jolanta Pupcia-Kiepska - daughter-in-law
  • Roman Kiepski - father (died, never appeared on the show)
  • Stanisław Kiepski - brother
  • Władysław Kiepski - grandfather (died, never appeared on the show)
  • Mother (never appeared on the show, mentioned only in 215 episode)
  • Władysław Kiepski - uncle
  • Stanisław Kiepski - uncle (died in 2007, never appeared in the show)
  • Ziemowit Kiepski - nephew
  • Genowefa Kiepska - aunt
  • Cousin from Mongolia, Rychu, Zdzichu, aunt Lutka, Jaś, uncle Leoś - other relatives

List of businesses

  • 1st episode : Sex phone
  • 2nd episode : The invention pouring water
  • 7th episode : Visionary services and treatment of women by bioelectric current
  • 15th episode : Kafarek Agency. Dealt with abusing deed and word masters
  • 17th episode : Opening own exclusive private school
  • 20th episode : Illegal wrestrling club under the name Concrete Circle
  • 22nd episode : Striptease
  • 23rd episode : Own radio 123RFN
  • 24th episode : Own footbal club
  • 27th episode : The dictatorship of fashion under the pseudonym Jean Paul Kiepski
  • 32nd episode : Pizzeria
  • 52nd episode : Travel agency
  • 59th episode : Rejuvenation of women using a snake
  • 63rd episode : Shows attract metals
  • 66th episode : Supermarket Hiperferdex
  • 67th episode : rejuvenation women by salt
  • 71st episode : modern agriculture - growing the cabbage in the room
  • 76th episode : Senior club
  • 78th episode : Psychiatric clinic
  • 81st episode : Detective agency
  • 83rd episode : The production of perfumes and creams
  • 92nd episode : Models agency
  • 104th episode :; listen to people for money
  • 106th episode : The discovery and production of vitamin G
  • 109th episode : Avenue of stars
  • 110th episode : Money laundering (literally)
  • 114th episode : The mascot of the Polish National Team
  • 120th episode : Machine to generate electricity
  • 122nd episode : Writing romantic novels
  • 126th episode : The invention of the present invention to do everything
  • 132nd episode : Shooting the movie
  • 136th episode : The advertisement of Wrocław
  • 137th episode : Consoling people for money
  • 141st episode : The assumption temp agency
  • 151st episode : Making money on the strength of his Halina
  • 163th episode : Shoothing Tv series
  • 178th episode : Create a collection of pants
  • 184th episode : School about the culture of drinking alcohol
  • 186th episode : Buying old cheap things and selling it for Paździoch too high a price
  • 217th episode : Professional critic
  • 219th episode : Production of biofuel from beets
  • 221st episode : Scenarist
  • 241st episode : Barber
  • 246 th episode : Singer
  • 261th episode : House of culture
  • 331th episode : Jazz club
  • 397th episode : Shop Eurokoko


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