Lake-placid croc

The Female Crocodile is the secondary antagonist of the film Lake Placid. She is the mate of the Male Crocodile and the mother of Martha, Max, George Jr. and Gracie.

Lake Placid

Not much is known about the Female other than being an Asian Pacific Crocodile who traveled to Maine from another Continent by crossing the Pacific Ocean, and most likely around the same age as the Male (150 years old). The Female only appeared in two scenes in the film, first appearing when Mrs. Bickerman feeds her one of her cows, she was seen by the Hunters as she stalks and kills the cow. She then made her last appearance at the end attacking Hector, she hid under the water for a brief time until she jumped out but was killed by Sheriff Hank Keough by an Air Compressor Gun, blowing her head to pieces. Although before the Female was killed she gave birth to 4 baby crocodiles which remained at Black Lake.


As with the rest of crocodiles in series, Female is similar to typical crocodiles in general, being aggressive carnivorous animal whom following its instinct at times. But her behavior not explored further due to her limited appearances.


  • The Female was slightly smaller then the Male, serving just under 30 ft, most likely around 28 ft.
  • She had a Light Brown skin texture with a tint of Black.
  • It's unknown which Crocodile killed the Fish & Game Officer at the beginning of the Film, as well as killing Deputy Burke.