We are the Light!
~ The oath of the Fellowship of the Sun.

The Fellowship of the Sun is a Christian fundamentalist cult of fanatic vampire hunters that defends the humans from the vampires whom they see as enemies of humanity and unholy devils from Hell, and an antagonistic faction in the popular HBO original series True Blood. They are a group of pious American Protestants operating in their namesake church based outside of Dallas, Texas. They preach a heavenly message of "coming from the darkness into the light", and they are a leading voice in anti-vampire politics in the United States of America.

The church's founder, Reverend Theodore Newlin, his wife Yvette and baby daughter Bethany were all killed in a mysterious car accident in mid 2008. His son, Steve Newlin, publicly pronounced the accident to be an assassination by vampires which turned out to be true. Theodore was killed under the orders of vampire Stan Baker.

Soon after, Steve filled his father's position as head pastor of the church. Steve,  along with his wife , Sarah Newlin, ran a "school" called the "Light of Day Institute" ("L.O.D.I.").


The Fellowship of the Sun Church

The Fellowship of the Sun Church

Much of the church's congregation is made up of victims of vampire attacks, former fangbangers, family members of vampire murder victims, and people who just hate vampires.

Many young supporters of the church strive to reach the Light of Day Leadership Conference. An elite few of these members are selected as Soldiers of the Sun (S.O.S.). The Light of Day Institute focuses on the preparedness of members for the "Vampire Armageddon" as well as though the Leadership Conference; attendees focus on the core tenets of bringing new people into the Church as well as the skills to back up their faith.

Soldiers of the Sun

From the attendees of the Light of Day Institute - few are selected in order to join the Soldiers of the Sun. The S.O.S. mission statement involves the protection of the Human Race; the preservation and protection of the Fellowship of the Sun and above all the destruction of the Vampire Race.




  • The Fellowship of the Sun's very name might be allegorical allusion to sun worship, a trait also shared by another religious American cult known as The Order from the Silent Hill videogame series.
  • The Felowship of the Sun shared similarities with fellow xenophobic all-human cult groups, The Hunters of the Highlander television series, the Church of Humanity, and the Purifiers from the X-Men comic book series.