Felix Fischoeder is the younger brother of Calvin Fischoeder (landlord of Bob Belcher) and main villain of the season finale "How Bob Saves/Destroys The Town" of Bob's Burgers.


Felix is known to be rather psychotic and has emotional issues likely stemming from childhood. Felix is the cause of Mr. Fischoeder's poked out eye, revealing that he was most likely psychotic. Felix may be a narcissist, based upon the fact that he was soothed in Ambergris by hearing a song in praise of him. He is often teased by his brother Calvin Fischoeder, who has even said that Felix is "incapable of doing anything right on his own". However, he does wish for Calvin's support and possibly affection, as he becomes upset when Calvin does not praise the bathroom Felix designed for Bob. Felix is unstable and can be rash and even dangerous when upset. He has even gone so far as to attempt murder when Calvin Fischoeder refused to sell the wharf. While he did not seem to be upset by his actions, upon realizing that he had murdered his brother for power and sex, and then went to save Bob and Calvin. When upset, Felix will yell or enclose himself in a locked room. He does not seem to have any problem with showing his anger around his brother, but will attempt to hide his emotions and calm his voice around other people. A lock of his hair becomes loose when he loses his temper or otherwise becomes upset.


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