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Felix Faust
is a powerful sorcerer native to the DC universe and a man who has sold his soul to demons multiple times in his quest for power. He is a recurring enemy of the Justice League and heroes that seek to balance magic such as Doctor Fate, Zatanna and Wonder Woman.

Felix Faust has a talent for enslaving others to his will via dark magic and transforming them into thralls. This particular trait plays a major role in the early quests for heroes loyal to Wonder Woman in DC Universe Online, where they battle the minions of Felix Faust to save Zatanna from his evil spells.

Appearances in other Media

TV appearance

Felix Faust appears in Justice League as a servant of Hades before his betrayal and untimely demise at Hades' hands. He too betrayed Tala of the Secret Society and inhabited the Armageddon Armor in his vendetta against his former master Hades. He was voiced by Robert Englund. Felix Faust is a villain in the TV show Young Justice. He, along with Klarion, Wizard, Blackbriar Thorn, and Wotan were performing a ritual to create two dimensions, one with adults but no one under 18, and one with children, but no one above 18.