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Felix Cortez is the secondary, later true main antagonist in the 1994 movie Clear and Present Danger.

He was portrayed by Joaquim de Almeida.


A former intelligence analyst for Cuba, Cortez now serves the same function for drug kingpin Ernesto Escobedo. He is also aided by an unwitting American contact, Moira Wolfson, who has been seduced by the charming Cortez.

Using intelligence supplied by Moira, Cortez stages a destructive (and successful) assassination plot on FBI director Emil Jacobs' convoy, then kills Moira to cover his tracks. Cortez later plans a meeting with National Security Advisor James Cutter, revealing that he plans to overthrow Escobedo and take over his drug cartel; he will then reduce drug shipments to the U.S. and allow American law enforcement to make several big arrests in order to make the U.S. government appear to be winning the war on drugs. In exchange, Cutter will shut down all operations in Colombia and allow Cortez to capture and kill Clark's soldiers. When Ryan hears about this, Ryan arranges to meet with Escobedo and exposes Cortez, but Escobedo is killed in the resulting firefight.

Ryan flees to the roof and regroups with the captured soldiers as they fly away in a helicopter; Cortez tries to follow and is gunned down when he opens fire on the chopper.

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