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Now the real fun BEGINS!!!
~ Felix before his fight with Jim

Felix is the secondary antagonist of the 2015 action film The Gunman, He is the former boss of Jim Terrier and the head of the organization who Jim worked for.

He is portrayed by Javier Bardem who also played the 007 villain, Raoul Silva and Anton Chigurh.


It is unkown about Felix's biography ,but he is the former boss of Jim and the head of the organization who Jim worked for.

Felix is very vicious and evil man ,in the begining of the movie we don't see it beacuse of his former friendship with Jim (the film's protagonist) .

When Felix discoverd that Jim wrote a notebook on the entire assasinations of the organization and revealed that Jim is going to kill him beacuse he followed after him ,Felix kidnapped Jim's girlfriend and wants to kill her.

Jim is got out to kill Felix and to save his girl and also to fight the organization that he worked for him .

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