Felipe is a supporting antagonist in Rio 2. He is a male scarlet macaw who is a resident of the Amazon in Brazil. Felipe is a hostile leader of the tribe of scarlet macaws. He is the enemy of Eduardo. (He is not evil although just mean)


When Blu goes on a search for Brazil nuts, Felipe told him that the food belongs to his tribe. He warns him being a trespasser. This makes both tribes (scarlet macaws and blue macaws) to have a dispute of their favorite food.

Elsewhere in the Amazon, both tribes have a match who should have the most Brazil nuts. Felipe and Roberto have a fight between two tribes by playing their own soccer. Since Roberto has the less goals, Blu joins in with his team. When he thought he scored by throwing it into the blue tribe's goalie, this makes all the scarlet tribe win the game. Both tribes flee the amazon.

Rio 2 felipe

When the Amazon is going on deforestation, Felipe and the other scarlet macaws join forces to stop the loggers from destroying the Amazon. The tribe reforms to throw Brazil nuts at the loggers.

Felipe and the other macaws appear near the end of the film dancing with the other animals.

Voice Actors

  • Phillip Lawrence (U.S. English dubbing)
  • Oscar Flores (Mexican dubbing)