But not anymore. A new day is dawning. We will achieve our ultimate dream. A world without dogs! No more dogs!
~ Feleen after showing The Glory of Cats.

Feleen, or Feline, is the main antagonist of the CatDog episode "The Cat Club".

She was voiced by Gail Matthius. She is also Gail Matthius's only character she voiced in CatDog.


Feleen is an anthropomorphic female cat who is the leader of "The Cats Club." She promotes everything about cats and shows hatred towards dogs and those affiliated with them. At first she welcomes CatDog (the latter under disguise as Doug) but when Dog removes his fish hat, she and her followers chase after them. She intends to use a vehicle known as the Dogcatcher XL5 to achieve her kind's dream by eliminating dogs.


Feleen is driving a cat-like car to calling all cats to join her cat club, with cats throwing a flier to CatDog.

With Cat has Dog disguised himself as a Doug the Cat, they go in the club, and Feleen introduced herself to Cat and shows them around. The Sushi Cat asks CatDog for some sushi, Dog stated that he hates fish, which horrified every cats, Cat says that Dog is kidding and puts the sushi into Dog mouth. Dog wants to leave until Feleen gives them shirts with a fish and fish-hats. Feleen tell them to join the Sacred Gate of cats, and secretly lets them in the Inner Sanctum. Feleen shows them the the video called "The Glory of Cats", which is about Cats are against Dogs.

Feleen plans to get rid of all dogs by using a vacuum-like vehicle called "Dogcatcher XL5". When the vehicle alarmed of a dog around, Feleen demands to know who was associating a dog, with Dog spilling the truth, she calls all the cats to destroy CatDog. Feleen then drives the Dogcatcher XL5 after CatDog, and CatDog pushed Feleen of the vehicle and CatDog finally escapes with the vehicle.