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Feist is a powerful cosmic-entity that appears in Archie Comics incarnation of the popular Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Feist is the guardian and ruler of the alien dimension known as the Special Zone and has unquestioned authority over that realm, to the point of omnipotence (or very near-omnipotence).

Feist, like many cosmic-entities, is neither fully good nor evil but is instead immensely powerful and likely beyond mortal understanding in terms of morality - he is, however, a being that demands certain conditions from those that seek his "aid".

Feist has also, according to certain sources, been responsible for the deaths of the original Freedom Fighters and the entire dimension of the Zone Of Silence - which he destroyed in order to create the Special Zone.


Powers / Abilities

Feist has complete control over his reality, to the point he is pretty much omnipotent - he has a tendency to shape his Zones into puzzles similar to those found in the original "Special Stages" of the Sonic games.



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