Feior is a powerful sorcerous overlord, who serves as the main villain in the Fighting Fantasy gamebook Black Vein Prophecy, unique among the series' gamebooks for the deep background of its playable character. Feior is the twin brother of the playable character Maior. Both brothers were put into a magical slumber by their father, the vile tyrant Bezenvial, so that one of them would take back his endangered throne upon awaking.

While Maior awakes amnesiac and spends the story getting purged of his evil, Feior raises a powerful army to take over the Isles of Dawn. He came close to success, but was eventually defeated by his brother.

The Black Vein Prophecy

Feior and his twin brother Maior are the sons of the powerful wizard Bezenvial, the despicable and ruthless tyrant of the Isles of Dawn, a huge archipelago located in Khul, one of the three continents of the world of Titan. Fifty years before the start of the story, when Maior and Feior were still young children, the Triurge (a group of highly powerful and benevolent wizards) assaulted the capital of the kingdom and destroyed Bezenvial's fortress, to put an end to the tyrant's reign of terror.

Fully aware that he was no match against them and that he was about to die, Bezenvial made the Black Vein Prophecy, according to which one of his children would one day rise and rule the Isles of Dawn, so that his kin could continue his dynasty without opposition. Bezenvial and his High Priest put both Maior and Feior in a magical slumber inside magically sealed crypts, as the fortress was falling apart under the Triurge's powerful blasts of magic. Thus both of Bezenvial's sons spent the following decades in a slumber, in which they grew up to adulthood, though their growth was halted so that they would remain young and fit to take over the archipelago when the time would come. Also, the vast magical power inherited from their wretched father would develop in their sleep.

Feior woke up few weeks before Maior. It can be guessed that he woke up amnesiac just like his twin brother and that he managed to get back his memories, but this is not explicitly stated. What is sure is that he retained the evil of his cursed bloodline, and that he wasted no time in raising a huge and powerful army of rogues and monsters, including a highly powerful monster called the Sturramak, and attempted to take over the Isles of Dawn.

About Feior

Unsurprisingly from a Fighting Fantasy villain, Feior is a highly powerful wizard and gifted warlord. He is able to cast various spells, to summon powerful spirits and magical forces, and to enlist the help of powerful beings. His most prominent ability is his mastery of the four special powers only known in the Isles of Dawn:

  • Baopo (Explosion in Mandarin), the Power of Disruption: Feior's favourite attack, which fires an extremely powerful bolt of pure heat from the caster's mouth, burning anything or anyone to a crisp.
  • Biantai (Mutation in Mandarin), the Power of Mutation: Purple cloud-like tendrils that mutate anything they touch, being used to fuse to materials or beings into one and also as a dangerous attack.
  • Shangshuo (Apply Lock in Mandarin), the Power of Locking: A whirling, silvery energy that can freeze anything or anyone in place. Strangely enough, this power and Baopo cancel each other out.
  • Tiaohe (Restore Balance in Mandarin), the Power of Harmonization: A spell bringing incredible calm and serenity to its caster. Strangely enough, using it cancels the power of Biantai.

Among the many evil sorcerers of the series, Feior is notable for the predominance of the warlord aspect of his character. He is an exceptional strategist able to devise complex tactics combining superior manpower, turning and encircling enemies, using key locations and multiples ambushes. Also, he knows that all mercenaries have their price… Moreover, Feior is an accomplished warrior who wields both swords and daggers with great skill.

Feior is power-hungry, tyrannical, ruthless and condescending. He is described as threatening but somehow grandiloquent, clad in rich yet exaggerated clothing and with grandiose demeanour. Still, he obviously has enough charisma to be highly respected by his men, and is much feared by his foes. He knows full well about his role as one of the Heirs of Bezenvial, and he would stop at nothing to become the new tyrant of the Isles of Dawn.

He has good dispositions towards Maior, calling him "fleshkin" and desiring to have him as a general, but only as long as he pledges allegiance to him. Otherwise, he would not hesitate to kill Maior, or worse, keep him prisoner in his throne forever to make him witness the rule of "a true son of Bezenvial". He clearly values his ambition more than family, and that he considers himself the most suitable heir of the two; even more so after noting Maior’s change of ways, going as far as calling him a "weakling" during their final duel.

Role in the Gameboook

You play as Maior, who spends the first part of the gamebook slowly regaining his memories and his magical powers through a large number of adventures, encounters with people from the Isles of Dawn, and battles with fearsome monsters. Meanwhile Feior and his immense army are laying waste on the country, waging war against the (far outnumbered) forces of the Boy-King Poo Ta, the last king of the dynasty who succeeded Bezenvial. Poo Ta, who is an extremely obnoxious and incompetent child, delusionally convinced that he is invincible, keeps dismissing the dramatic warnings of his generals and thus poses very little threat to the evil warlord.

If you travel with a woman named Velkos, you must avoid getting enrolled in her gang of thieves, otherwise you would either get killed or become their leader, staying with them until Feior wins the war, tracks you down and kills you. You must befriend Merzei, a revolutionary who is rallying the people, but do not offer him gold or attempt to fight him, lest you offend him or get soundly trounced.

You must also find the wise Credas, the sole survivor of the Triurge, who tells him everything about your past and the Black Vein Prophecy, stating that Feior must be defeated. To do so, Credas asks you to bring him the Sitting Prophet, a powerful, magical golden statue able to destroy anything evil that comes near it. Given that you are purged of the evil of Bezenvial’s bloodline, the statue does not kill you.

Upon bringing the Sitting Prophet to Credas, you might encounter Feior, who offers to appoint you as his right-hand-man. You must avoid this encounter, given that if you refuse, your twin brother executes you, and if you accept you will be both destroyed by the Sitting Prophet.

Then Credas asks you to fuse him with the Sitting Prophet using Biantai, the Power of Mutation, to grant him control over the thousands of Kreehuls, winged-humanoids who worship the statue, and use them against Feior's armies. Finally, you must reach the royal army's headquarters and offer assistance to the distraught generals.

The allied armies then engage a decisive battle against Feior's forces way superior in number and helped by a formidable Sturramak: a huge feline, dragon-like monster, who breathes extremely dangerous bolts of pure energy, spawns countless leeches able to decimate squadrons and drains magic.


Credas fighting the Sturramak

You must have allied the royal army and Merzei’s people to stand a chance against Feior’s armies, but even then, you cannot survive his ambush without having stolen his battle-plans. You must also have transferred your magic to Credas, who will join the battle with his hordes of Kreehuls and engage the Sturramak, otherwise, the dragon slaughter your troops and seals your fate.

Beware, for if you met an officer of Feior who got bound and gagged, he would attack you to avenge his humiliation. This is a highly dangerous duel that you would better avoid.

  • Feior’s officer has 11 in skill (power-level) and 13 in stamina (life-points). Considering that the maximum skill total is 10 instead of the usual 12, this makes him a fearsome enemy.

If you hired mercenaries, they would have been bought by the highest bidder (i.e. Feior) and decimate your armies. If the Sturramak destroys Credas and attacks you, you must concentrate on your twin at all cost.

  • The Sturramak kills you if you use your powers against it. With 11 in skill and 25 in stamina, it is an even worse foe than Feior’s officer.

Confronting Feior

La défaite de Feior

Feior gets knocked-out by the Izkhao.

As Credas is losing against the Sturramak, he urges you to chase your brother, who is climbing the mountain to conjure Dark Forces and lay waste on your armies. You need to win a test of stamina to safely reach Feior, otherwise he uses Baopo, the Power of Disruption and sears you to ashes.
  • Feior first attacks with Baopo and fires a bolt of pure heat. You must cast Shangsuo or get burned to death. (Or sent backward plummeting into the chasm if you attacked with Baopo as well.)
  • Feior will then cast Biantai. You must cast Tiaohe to resist, otherwise the spell horribly mutates you and Feior finishes you off with a second Baopo.
  • Feior will feign exhaustion to strike with a second Baopo. You must cast Biantai so that your brother wastes his magic resisting it. Feior will dispel any other power you use against him, and either destroy you with a second Baopo or paralyze you forever with Shangshuo. If he does the latter, he will keep you paralyzed and prisoner for the rest of your life.
  • The best solution now is to summon the genie Izkhao, who will knock Feior out cold with a punch and defeat him for good.
    • With Feior at your mercy, you must spare his life, otherwise you get corrupted by the evil of your bloodline and take over your brother’s forces to become the tyrant of the Isles of Dawn, just like Bezenvial predicted. This leads to the bad ending of the gamebook.
  • If you cannot (or do not want to) summon the genie, you must cast Shangshuo. Feior will attempt to resist getting paralyzed. If you let the Power of Locking take its hold on your brother, you will get corrupted by Bezenvial’s curse and get the bad ending.
  • You must then get close to Feior to free him, but of course, your ungrateful brother immediately attacks you. You can then defy him in a swordfight, cast another spell at him before he can react, or (if you could do so but did not) summon Izkhao and defeat him.
    • Feior is a very dangerous enemy, with 9 in skill and 14 in stamina, who fights with a golden dagger. Beware, killing your brother leads to the bad ending.
    • Casting another spell turns Feior into a silver coin with his effigy crowned and triumphant on one side, and his effigy screaming in agony on the other. If you leave him in this state, you get corrupted and lead to the bad ending.
    • If you flip the coin that your brother has become, you must roll a dice. If you roll an even number, Feior turns back to normal, turns you into a coin in turn and stuffs you in his pocket, winning the fight.
    • If you roll an uneven number, the coin explodes and Feior turns back to normal, exhausted and defeated.
    • With Feior at your mercy, you must spare him and take him prisoner to avoid Bezenvial’s curse.

Confronting Bezenvial's spirit


Bezenvial's Spirit.

When Feior is defeated, Bezenvial’s evil spirit appears under the shape of a giant dark cloud shaped like a snake that retains his human face, and expresses his contempt for the son who betrayed him. It appears that the Triurge banished his spirit beyond the Physical Realm after his death, but that he can use you as a proxy to manifest himself. Using your powers against him only gets you destroyed by your own magic. You must face your father and settle your score once and for all.

Bezenvial traps you in your memories of your own childhood, of the very day when the Triurge defeated him. Upon reliving your memories, you must avoid detection and find a glass globe in which you can see a man attacked by a dragon and a dark cloud and shout a warning. (The globe actually shows your present battle against Bezenvial, and your warning will make your ears ring.) You will then be found and put into your magical slumber.

If you could not warn your present self, you will either be sent through time to the beginning of the game, forced to restart the adventure from scratch, or escape from your memory; only to find yourself powerless against Bezenvial, who conjures gales of wind to send you into the chasm to your doom.

If you could warn your present self, you will hear your own shout, and notice the Sturramak, grievously wounded by Credas, who lunges at you, and be able to dodge its attack. The monster then collides with Bezenvial’s spirit, destroying them both once and for all in a tremendous blast of power.

With your victory secure, you will be hailed as a hero by the royal army and the people, for rallying them all and leading them to victory. Given that the Boy-King Poo Ta died heroically in the first line of the battle, you will be appointed as the new King of the Isles of Dawn, effectively fulfilling your wicked father's prophecy, but ruling as a kind and noble ruler and not as a tyrant.


  • Feior's name is obviously derived from the word "fear," befitting him as a dreaded wizard, while Maior's name is derived from the word "major" meaning "greatest" or "greater," befitting him as the only one among the two twin sons of Bezenvial who managed to purge himself from his father's evil.