Feeders are a group of monsters from Marvel comics.

The Feeders were allegedly around before the fall of the dinosaurs. Throughout human history they were around to feast on them. They felt feeding on humans was their birthright. For many generations they traditionally came together for theirs feast at places filled with relics of the past because they had survived all other species.
The last Great Hunt of the Feeders was ten years ago in a city that was not New York. They devoured hundreds of victims.
During a blizzard the Feeders emerged from the dark and shadowed places in Manhattan for their big hunt for flesh. They caught many humans and took them away for the feast. Dan Ketch tried to save a woman from a Feeder, but failed. He tried to get to his motorbike to follow the Feeder, but another Feeder attacked Ketch and tried to take him away, but Ketch turned into Ghost Rider. The Feeder was angered that his prey was gone and fought Ghost Rider ferouciously. Ghost Rider wanted to know where the girl was taken and received a mysterious answer. She was taken to a place where bones would lay unnoticed. Ghost Rider took his motorbike and followed the footsteps of the Feeders to the Museum of Natural History, where several Feeders confronted him.
The Feeders carried Ghost Rider into the museum and brought him to their leader, who told a few things about the Feeders. Tonight they would have their Feast in the museum because it was easy to hide the human bones among those of dinosaurs and other long extinct creatures. Several Feeders tried to pull apart Ghost Rider while their leader told about their past. When Ghost Rider had heard enough he freed himself from their grip and fought them. The oldest Feeder attacked Ghost Rider and even recognized the power of Zarathos, which surprised Ghost Rider for a second. The Feeder took a giant dinosaur bone and hit Ghost Rider with it, but the Spirit of Vengeance wasn't even faced by the attack. He grabbed the Feeder at his throat and wanted to know what he knew about him, but the Feeder didn't talk. When Ghost Rider revealed that he would never take a human life, the oldest Feeder transformed back into his human form because his race was once human. Ghost Rider dropped the Feeder, who believed that he had more right to be among humans than the demon Ghost Rider. In return Ghost Rider used his penance stare to show the Feeder the pain of his victims. The screams of the Feeder were still heard when Ghost Rider had left the museum and told the humans, who got away, that the Feeders had deluded themselves into believing it was natural to feed on still-living flesh.