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The Fearsome Five is a group of supervillains joined together to spread chaos and get money, but especially to fight a common enemy: Darkwing Duck.

Fearsome Five members

  • NegaDuck: The leader of the group, he is evil in every way possible. He thinks his partners are wasting their abilities, so he once managed to steal all of their superpowers for himself.
  • Quackerjack: Altough he has no real superpower, he creates crazy toys with mass-destruction weapons included.
  • Megavolt: The most crazy of the group. He manipulates electricity at will.
  • Bushroot: The least evil of the group. Although he is very intelligent, he is easily startled. Can control plants like animals.
  • Liquidator: The only member who doesn't have mental problems. Can control water and is immortal. 


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