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Nineteen years. Nineteen cycles. It is the Twentieth... Cycle... I am the darkness of your shadow. I crave the screams you hold inside! For nineteen years, Chaos, Death, Sacrifice, Legend, and Vengeance have led the way.. I DEMAND MORE! This is not about the past, ONLY THE FUTURE! I am getting closer..
~ Fear on a trailer for Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear.

Adaru, better known as the personification of Fear, is the icon for 2010's Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort for its "Twenty Years of Fear". He is revealed to be the mastermind behind the past nineteen years of the event. Influencing events through an old lantern kept in the Universal Studios Art and Design Department, Fear has been slowly using others to prepare the way for his eventual return. An online paranormal research group known by the name of Legendary Truth have analyzed the photos and discovered that they were each a piece of a puzzle depicting a symbol. Around 9:00pm on August 24, the puzzle assembled and unleashed the demon inside which caused a blackout in the Art and Design building at Universal Orlando Resort.


  • Dolls of all the past icons are seen hanging on his belt, excluding Eddie Schmidt from Halloween Horror Nights XI, the unused icon Cindy Caine from Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear, and Bloody Mary from Halloween Horror Nights: Reflections of Fear.
  • Fear has the numerals I to XX curved on his torso and right arm.

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