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Lieutenant Colonel Fayer is the Lieutenant Colonel of Shikine Island.


Fayer was placed as the Lieutenant Colonel of Shikine Island, during the incident between the Black Knights and the Lancelot Knightmare Frame, he instructs Suzaku Kururugi to restrain Zero and sacrifice his life as the area is bombarded. After Suzaku and Princess Euphemia was found, Fayer gives the order to arrest Suzaku and questions him to why did, saying he basically gave up the golden opportunity to capture Zero.

Fayer makes his return as part of the reinforcements from Shikine Island. However, Lelouch has some of the soldiers already geassed to restrain the Lieutenant Colonel, and then Lelouch gives him the command to obey him from now on. Later, he is seen aboard Great Britannia under Monica Kruszewski the Knight of Twelve's command, in the gun turret room next to a dead Britannian soldier. He attacks and kills some of the Britannian Royal Guards before he is threatened to be removed by force.

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