Profile art - Faybelle Thorn
You just keep plugging away, haircut boy. Don't mind me.
~ Faybelle Thorn

Faybelle Thorn is the daughter of the Dark Fairy and the secondary antagonist of Ever After High.

She is voiced by Haviland Stillwell.



Faybelle Thorn is a cheery girl who is looking forward towards her role as villain and is extremely competitive. She is distrustful of Raven Queen because of this, as it was the Evil Queen who stole the role of the villain in Sleeping Beauty from Faybelle's mother. Faybelle can tend to act snide, sassy, unkind or sarcastic when she's around most people, or the people she doesn't share much empathy with and goes to great lengths in order for things to go her way, especially if people exclude her or do not invite her to parties.


Faybelle regularly wears a cheerleading outfit. She has platinum hair with a teal and mint streak on her left side, which she prefers to wear in a high ponytail. She has a marking around one of her periwinkle gray eyes, grayish skin and small crystalline fairy wings.



Her mother is the Dark Fairy from Sleeping Beauty.


She considers Duchess Swan as her best friend. Faybelle hangs around Ginger Breadhouse a lot due to the fact that they were friends since childhood. Both their mothers were boastful of them and Faybelle herself was caught up with being better than Ginger. At this time, she often acts hostile at Ginger if she has beliefs that she isn't properly following her destiny. Faybelle also considers Briar Beauty a best frenemy and enjoys her company, as she's quite willing to follow her advice.


Faybelle has a pom-pomeranian puppy named Spindle.