Fay Gussman

Fay Gussman was the main villainess from NCIS episode 11.15, "Bulletproof" (airdate February 25, 2014).

She was played by Challen Cates.

Fay Gussman was the evil mastermind behind the sale of faulty bulletproof vests to the US Marine Corps, with the vests being responsible for many soldiers becoming paralyzed. Gussman encountered Tony DiNozzo and Eleanor Bishop at a gun show, after which she killed Corey Ruxin. After her role was revealed, the villainous Gussman hid out in her caravan, and engaged in a gunfight with the NCIS crew, shooting Bishop in the process (Bishop survived). Shortly after the gunfire ended, the door of the caravan opened, and Gussman fell dead after being shot multiple times. Surprisingly, Gussman wore one of the faulty vests as a last resort.