"Do you think that people that sent you here are any different, who do you think we learned it from, your grieving lawyer? Your wife, do you think she'd be proud of what you become?
~ Fausto Alarcon to Alejandro

Fausto Alarcón is the main antagonist of the 2015 action thriller crime film Sicario. He's the head of the Mexican drug cartel and the man responsible for murdering Alejandro's wife by decapitating her and threw Alejandro's daughter into a vat of acid.

He's portrayed by Julio Cedillo

Biography Edit

"Don't forget about my daughter."
~ Alejandro to Fausto Alarcon
Oh tia, it wasn't personal (Said in Spanish)
~ Fausto to Alejandro
"It was personal to me. Time to meet God."
~ Alejandro to Fausto Alarcon

Alejandro infiltrates Alarcón home, killing many guards on his way. He then finds Alarcón eating dinner with his wife and two sons. Alejandro makes his presence known and sits down at the table. Alarcón asks Alejandro if the Mexican cartel is any different from the Colombian cartel that Alejandro is working for and whether his wife would be happy with the man he's become. Alejandro tells Alarcón to not forget about his daughter in which Alarcón slightly smiles and tells him it was nothing personal. Alejandro says "It was to me." and says "Time to meet God." Alejandro then shoots and kills Alarcón's family first, so he can feel what its like. Alejandro tells him to go ahead and finish his meal, moments before he shoots Fausto in the throat and watches him suffer for a moment and then shoots him in the head, avenging Alejandro's family.