Fausta Grables
Fausta Grables was an antagonist in the Wonder Woman TV series.


Fausta was a Nazi officer from Berchtesgarden who was promoted to Colonel in 1942. During Spring, she found footage of Wonder Woman and presented it to Adolf Hitler. Hitler was impressed and made Grables his special emissary to lead a mission to capture Wonder Woman known as Operation: Fraulein.

Grables sneaked into America with many agents of the Nazi Party accompanying her, and disguised herself as cleaning lady. She captures Steve Trevor by using knockout gas and uses him as bait to lure Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman rescues Steve and defeats the Grables' henchman. Fausta watched the superheroine and was impressed at her skills.

Nazi Wonder Woman

Fausta Grables disguised as Wonder Woman.

Fausta initiates her next plan by disguising herself as Wonder Woman at the bond rally. The audience were confused when there were two Wonder Women. They began a strength test to see who was the real Wonder Woman. Fausta lifts her barbell with ease. When Wonder Woman lifts up her barbell, Fausta's henchmen activated a trapdoor  underneath her that makes Wonder Woman fall under the stage. 

They incapitated the superheroine and stole her lasso. After the rally, Steve realized that Wonder Woman was in trouble.

Fausta and her men took Wonder Woman to their hideout in Berlin. She stripped her of her magic belt and ties her up with the magic lasso. They tried to interrogate her but another Nazi colonel sees this as foolish, throws the belt at Wonder Woman. She frees herself and fights Fausta and quickly beats her as she leaves.

Wonder Woman returns to Berlin only to be caught in a trap made by Fausta and the other Nazi colonel. After Wonder Woman pleaded with her, Fausta turns against her Nazi comrades and helps Wonder Woman leave the hideout. Steve Trevor makes Fausta a double agent for her actions.