Well, shall we begin? Let us celebrate my attainment of true immortality!
~ Faust

Faust is a main villain from the videogame Knights Contract. He was an ally of the Inquisition who killed witches with the excuse to repel the Black Death, while his desire was actually to take their power and become immortal.


Faust first appears in the game in the flashback where Gretchen reveals Heinrich who she is. Faust had convinced the people that the witches were evil beings and killed every and each of them, in his attempt to take the shards of a powerful object called Anima del Monde, which would give him infinite knowledge and immortality, he succeeded in taking all witches' shards, with exception of Gretchen's.

Later its shown that Faust has revived the other witches and their leader Verderinde allowing them to take their revenge on humanity, in exchange for them to take the shard back from Gretchen.

After the defeat of the witch Holda, Faust confront Gretchen and Heinrich, in a failed attempt to take the shard himself. Later, Gretchen and Heinrich find him in Walpurgis Night where he waits for them with his monsters. He reveals that in fact, he never cared about his allegiance with the witches and that it was all a plan to attract Gretchen to that place.

After a second fight, he uses the power of the shards in his possession to turn into a giant monster in order to kill them, but as he fails, he is defeated by Gretchen and Heinrich. Then, Verderinde appears again, to take back the shards from Faust and then, kill him with the curse of the Black Death. She reveals that she faked her submission to him in order to take all the shards and have her revenge on humanity.

Boss fightsEdit

In the first boss fight in Episode 8, he will only teleport and summon clones of himself, however he takes a lot of damage from magic, and can be defeated faster than the other witches.

Faust 2

In the second boss fight in Episode 19, he has three forms. In the first, he will act the same way he did in Episode 8, but is even easier to defeat due to the greater strength of Gretchen's witchcraft. In the second form he will turn into a giant monster, and use more physical attacks and some magic, the objective is to hit is legs in order to weaken him and then jump onto him and defeat him. In the third form he will use a trident, and his attacks will get much stronger, but the objective remains the same, with some difficulty since he will begin to protect his legs with magic.