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Hungry Gluttons, an upgraded version of Fatty Glutton

Fatty Glutton is a recurring boss from the Darius series. One of the attacker ships of Belser, Fatty Glutton was created with the specific purpose of countering the Silver Hawk ships sent by Darius. Much like King Fossil, It has an external plating which makes it immune to enemy fire. It is shaped after a Piranha.

Fatty Glutton is a very tough boss in any game it appears, as not only it is very fast, it is only vulnerable when attacking. It's signature weapon is a piranha-drone which exploder into a spread shot when destroyed or near it's target. It's other attacks involve ramming, releasing scales, homing drones and firing lasers. It received an upgrade in the form of Hungry Gluttons, which can use various attacking drones to support fire.


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