Father Rodin is a villain from the book The Wandering Jew by Eugene Sue, he is a Jesuit priest and the secretary of Father D'Aigrigny, who has charged him with the mission to get hold of The Rennepont Heritage, which is actually The Wandering Jew's treasure. During the course of the book, Rodin puts various obstacles in the way of The Wandering Jew's true heirs, in order to claim the treasure for The Jesuit Order.

He is not to be confused with the character Rodin from Bayonetta whose angel form is called Father Rodin

Personality and Goals

While he cultivates the appearence of a God-fearing and, whenever his superior is around, subservient old man, Rodin is actually a machivellian mastermind and evil knowledgeable, who manipulates everyone around him, including D'Aigrigny. Being highly ambitious, Rodin's goal is nothing less than to become the new pope. In addition to his deviousness, another one of Rodin's assets is his ability to quickly adapt to any situation and take advantage of it.