Father Rodin (Bayonetta)

Father Rodin is a secret boss in the video game; Bayonetta. He's the angelic version of Rodin, the Weaponsmith of the Gates of Hell.



Father Rodin is debatably the strongest enemy in the game, possibly even stronger that Jubileus the Creator. He has two different forms, an angelic and demonic form. Each on grants Father Rodin different abilities. In his demonic form, He has some ability of invulnerability, pyrokinesis, and open portals to the deepest pits of the Inferno. In his angelic form, Father Rodin has some abilities that a similar towards Father Balder, but are exceptionally stronger. He also immune to the Witch Time. When he's been weaken, Rodin will acquire new abilities, as well as become more aggressive with his attacks. Some of the abilities he acquires include; the ability to summon multiple blue spheres. Father Rodin's strongest ability is the ability to drain the all of Bayonetta's health down to one if he makes physical contact.