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Take our good friend Timothy back to his cell. Make sure that he stumbles on the way back as well, stumbles several times, perhaps down the stairs!
~ Madison after interrogating a prisoner

Father Lance Madison is the tertiary main antagonist in the Hyraaq Tobit series in the Creepypasta stories. Father Madison is a priest, originally from London in England. He was an atheist from birth, and rumour had it he was a bastard (i.e. a child from an unmarried woman). Father Madison shamed his family and his colleagues, and he had little to no friends. He preferred to think of himself as gifted rather than shameful. His boss, Frisk, was an outright bully who abused Lance all the time. Lance was at a socialite club in London, and he was an underdog. He aspired to rise to the top and have humanity at his feet.


The Demon Tobit of Delphia

Father Lance Madison, now leader of Tobit's cult, travels to Antarctica, where he joins the ranks of the citizens of Delphia. He ascends in power, conducting dark rituals by animating the dead through Tobit's magic, until he becomes High Priest. Madison is assigned to speak to Derrick Reynolds, a survivor of a ship from America which crashed on Antarctica, but Timothy, a survivor of another ship from seventy years ago, saves Derrick before this can happen, brings him to the Cathedral, and shows Derrick the dark rituals Lance conducts. Lance Madison is shown to be resurrecting Sergio, a man who travelled with Derrick, who watches in horror. Lance notices Derrick escaping and orders him killed. However, Derrick escapes.

Tobit: From Love Comes Damnation

Lance fell in love with a woman named Jennifer Standish, who appeared in his club one evening, and he successfully wooed her and became her friend, then her lover. He got the disdain of Frisk, who was of an unhappy love affair - the truth was that Frisk was a womanizer and misogynist, a woman-beater, and this was the reason Frisk's marriage was unhappy - and so a jealous Frisk got three thugs to beat Lance almost to death one night. Lance slowly recovered, and he was full of hate towards the assassins and Frisk. He now hated Frisk with a passion and vowed to get vengeance.

One day when recovering, Lance was approached by Jennifer, who heard his story of the attack and she took him to her house and showed him a collection of strange artifacts she had. It was her business selling them. They were statues of deities, both known and unknown, including one of Hyraaq Tobit, which made Jennifer feel ill just from looking at it. Jennifer had really called Lance there to dispose of the artifact, and he agreed by hiding it in his closet.

Jennifer and Lance then kissed and became lovers, and slept together. However, that night that Jennifer went back home, her house burned down overnight and killed her.

Distraught, angry and full of fury, Lance sought vengeance, because he knew Jennifer wasn't stupid and despite everyone accusing her of leaving flammable cotton out overnight, he knew that wouldn't have happened. Mr. Pinkerton arrived one night, confronting Lance, and telling him that Frisk had had Jennifer murdered. Pinkerton even summoned Frisk, and left him at the mercy of Lance. In the morning, Frisk's body was never found, as Lance had extracted his revenge and killed Frisk in the dark magic of Tobit gifted to him by Pinkerton.

Tobit: Blood and Obligations

Soon afterwards, where Robert Peel has just started the modern police force. Inspector Brandon Leary has just had his father murdered and been informed of the rituals of Tobit. He visits a church in London to confront Lance about the murders, and the visions, but Lance deliberately tells him nothing.

Tobit: The Grim Sorority of Tabitha Shaw

Father Lance Madison returns in this segment, as he has been mulling over the escape of Derrick and the catastrophic shift in power that followed. Fearing the worst when the evil Tabitha Shaw appears in his room, Father Lance Madison prepares to be executed. He prays to Jennifer before Tabitha enters, saying that he believes in God but not in Hyraaq Tobit. Tabitha says she is willing to forgive Father Madison if he sends out the assassin squad named the Sisters of Tobit to kill Clair, Derrick and any other survivors of Delphia. Desperate to save his own position, Father Madison agrees. He orders Tabitha to travel to New Orleans, where Derrick and Clair were last seen.

Tobit: Brothers and Sisters

Now with Tabitha out of the way and burning with humiliation, Father Madison makes a last ditch attempt at saving his own life: He approaches a man named Gregory Leary, by teleporting himself into New Orleans. Father Madison promises to teach Gregory in the dark arts if he accepts his offer to personally kill the Sisters of Tobit before they can kill anyone else. Father Madison freezes Gregory's brother Trevor and he hypnotizes Gregory into obeying him. Gregory takes a magical amulet Father Madison used to teleport, and Gregory ends up in Derrick's bedroom, saving him by shooting Lacy Suzino before she can kill them both. Gregory yells for Derrick to flee, and he uses the amulet again, suddenly being returned to Delphia itself for the first time.

Tobit: The Champion Rises

Father Lance Madison returns for the final time in this instalment, the ninth story in the series. When Father Madison realizes he messed up real bad because Gregory's amulet will return him to Father Madison's own bedroom in Delphia, a leader of Delphia named Mr. Pinkerton is there to induct Gregory into the cult. During the evening Mass, Father Madison prays to Jennifer one last time, saying he is a foolish man doing stupid things that are beyond him just to save his skin. Father Madison is about to have his hated captive Timothy VanBuren be cannibalized by the citizens of Delphia, and he is conducting a good ritual, when he asks if Timothy will repent. To his anger, Timothy mocks Tobit in front of his worshipers and dares him to arrive and kill Timothy himself. When nothing happens, Timothy proudly calls Father Madison a lying trickster. Angered, the Grand Magnus is about to resume his ritual when Timothy asks if there will be any objections. Gregory says yes, and asks Timothy if the Grand Magnus killed Gregory's father. Timothy confirms this. Without thinking, Gregory recklessly shoots three bullets at Father Lance Madison who recoils in shock but the third bullet finds his heart as the others strike his shoulder and throat. Father Lance Madison dies an ironic death, slumping against the altar and dragging down the sheet covering the altar which wraps itself round him. Gregory remarks Father Madison was good enough to arrange his own funeral.


Lance does not permit any "unauthorized items" in Delphia, forbidding electricity, and as such computers are forbidden. Lance is a strict ruler, but this seems to fail him when Tobit reconsiders his status. Lance is informed that Tobit considers killing him for his failure in letting Derrick escape, but Lance is given another chance if he lets those who know of Delphia be executed by the Sisters of Tobit. Lance Madison agrees and orders their execution.

Powers and Abilities

Lance Madison is a highly powerful dark magician, able to control the dead (a Necromancer). He inspires fear and awe throughout his followers in Delphia and he is very militaristic, ruling like a Russian czar. Lance is an elitist, and very arrogant. He has brute strength, and is very strong for a man his age. He has complete mastery of dark magic, and is learned in ancient spells and rituals. He is awaiting the day he can reveal Delphia to humanity so he can conquer the world.


  • Lance Madison is very similar to Mathias:
    • Both lost a loved one, and both turned to dark magic for revenge.
    • Both are Necromancers.
    • Both are assisted by demons.
    • Both enjoy human sacrifice.
    • Both care nothing for human life.
  • Lance Madison is one of the three main antagonists of the Hyraaq Tobit series, one being Mr. Pinkerton and the other, of course, being Tobit himself.