Father Fintan Stack

Father Stack smoking a cigarette.

If you ever say that to me again, I'll put your head through the wall.
~ Father Stack, to Fathers Billy and Michael, after they call him "A very rude man".

Father Fintan Stack is a minor villain in the Irish comedy TV show Father Ted.

He was portrayed by Brendan Grace.


Father Stack only appears in one episode of the beloved Irish comedy; season 2, episode 9, New Jack City. In this episode, Father Jack has contracted a severe case of the fictional "hairy hand syndrome" and has to go to St. Clabbert's Old Priests Home (sometimes referred to as "Jurassic Park" by priests) for treatment, and possibly for the rest of his life (as mentioned by Dr. Sinnott, Craggy Island's GP). When Ted thinks this creates a new lifestyle without Father Jack, he goes downstairs for his breakfast the following morning, only to find that a bishop (presumably Brennan) has sent Father Stack, who's sitting in Father Jack's chair.

Father Stack turns out to be an awful person who goes out of his way to annoy and antagonise Ted and Dougal, doing things such as (in no particular order):

  • Eating Ted's Frosties during their first meeting
  • Playing incredibly loud jungle music at 3:00am
  • Insulting, intimidating, bullying and threatening Ted's friends, when they come over to the house to watch a priests' sports day cassette
  • Crashing Ted's car into a big brick wall (unseen)
  • Getting Dougal drunk on a bottle of Jack's whisky
  • Jumping on a framed photo of Ted
  • And even drilling holes in the wall (during his music session), all for no reason other than to make them miserable.

Finally fed up with his antics they decide to get Jack back from St. Clabbert's by breaking in and kidnapping him (not that he minds).

Taking him home, Ted plans to set Jack on Father Stack, by letting Jack find out that Father Stack wasted all Jack's whiskey. Father Stack however ignores this seeing it as an attempt to scare him. Jack storms down, but before he can do anything they all notice that Father Stack now has the hairy hands as well (due to Dougal failing to disinfect Jack's chair), and as such he's sent away to St. Clabbert's and is never seen again.


  • The jungle music Father Stack blares from his ghetto blaster are Cutty Ranks' "Limb By Limb" (DJ SS Remix) and DJ Taktix's "The Way".
  • In their bedroom, Ted and Dougal compare Father Stack to Hitler after their first night with Stack. Dougal brings this up after Stack blares his music whilst drilling holes in the living-room wall, saying "he's like Hitler or one of those mad fellas", to which Ted replies "Oh no, he's worse than Hitler. Not even Hitler would play jungle music at three in the morning.".