Father Earth is a villain from 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He is an insane mutant who led a group of fanatical followers who were against Mega-City One's pollution and atmosphere.


Father was a half-man, half-plant who believed that Mega-City One needed to be destroyed in order to eliminate pollution, concrete and steel from the face of the Earth. He managed to attract thousands of mutants and outcasts and they ruthlessly massacred the city dwellers. One group of followers, The Doomsday Dogs, managed to blew up Mega-City One's Power Tower which caused molten lava to spill all over the street, killing numerous people. This allowed Father Earth and his followers to invasion Mega-City One in an attempt to take over. The "artificial volcano" incident had ended but Father Earth proceeded to release deadly creatures from the Mega-City Botanic Garden so continued to be a threat and a menace to the city. Funnily enough, Father Earth was eaten and killed by the very thing he embraced, a man-eating vegetable called "God Plant"


Father Earth was extremely charismatic that enabled him to get numerous followers. He did truly believed in his insane beliefs but he was also cold and ruthless to people who didn't believe in what he was preaching.

Psychical Appearance

Father Earth was a mutant who was completely covered in vegetation from head to toe (excluding his face) and he had black eyes with a large orange flower ion on his forehead. The clothing he wore was a satchel across his shoulders.