Father Damo

Father Damo (left), with Father Dougal, outside Damo's house. They're discussing who's better: Oasis or Blur.

Yeah, tell 'im that's fine. I don't care what he does. He's not the boss of me!
~ Father Damo, on Father Frost wanting him to go home.

Father Damien "Damo" Lennon is a minor antagonist from the Irish comedy Father Ted. He's a thief and more of a football regular than a priest.

He was portrayed by Joe Rooney.


Father Damo's main appearance is in episode 4 of season 2, entitled Old Grey Whistle Theft. He also reappears in episode 10 of season 2, entitled "Flight Into Terror".


Despite being a priest in the Irish Catholic Church, Father Damien Lennon (or Damo, as he prefers to be known) is very young and acts like he's a footballer, because he sports an earring in his left ear, loves Oasis (a Manchester-based rock band), smokes cigarettes and sometimes steals from people. He's also rumoured to have done drugs.

Damo likes playing football with Father Dougal, and soon gets the young, impressionable priest under his wing. First, Dougal gets an earring (which Ted orders Dougal to get rid of) and Dougal hints at having done drugs. Then, Dougal starts making fun of Ted for being backwards and not with the times.

Soon, Damo broke into the cabin of Mr. Benson (Craggy Island's picnic area supervisor) and stole his very loud whistle. He hid in a packet of cigarettes, which he then gave to Dougal after being turfed out of the Parochial House by Ted and Father Frost (his minder). That night, when Ted goes outside for some cigarettes and a walk, he finds Damo's cigarette packet (with Mr. Benson's whistle) in Dougal's windbreaker, and interrogates Dougal the following morning about it.

Sergeant Hodgins and Mr. Benson arrive at the Parochial House (because a witness says it was a priest, due to the black-and-white collar). Ted leaves to prepare a 'story' to the policeman, whilst Dougal says Ted did it, because he misinterpreted Ted's concern as owning up for it. However, in all the confusion, Father Frost appears, with Damo, and tells the policeman that Damo did it, because he correctly assumed Damo would pass the blame to Dougal. Damo is arrested. Then, Ted walks back in and tries to say his story - until he realizes the mystery has successfully been solved.

Despite this, Dougal and Damo are shown playing football together as the end credits roll.


  • Father Damo reappears in a minor role in the 10th and final episode of season 2, Flight Into Terror. He appears on the plane, sitting a row or two behind Ted and Dougal, in the seating group to the left of Dougal.