Father Angelo, also called "Angelo" was a Latin-speaking Catholic priest who is the leader of a group of corrupt monks called the Brethren and he is one of the many villains in the Doctor Who series. He and his cult first appeared in the episode "Tooth and Claw".

He was portrayed by Ian Hanmore.


After they turned away from their praise of God the Brethren and their leader began worshipping the might of the werewolves, took over Torchwood House to awaken a werewolf and began their machinations to create the "Empire of the Wolf". The monks tried to infect Queen Victoria with a bite from the Wolf to start the events in order to achieve their plans and turn England into their own kingdom.

Angelo was revealed as a traitor after he sought to take the throne from her when the tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler stopped him and the Brethren. Queen Victoria alone shot and killed him, although no body was seen.