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The "Father" is an unseen character and the main antagonist behind the 2014 sidescrolling horror videogame Dreaming Mary. He is Mary's father who locks her in her bedroom where she dreams and rapes her while she sleeps. While he is not seen, he is represented by two figures - Boaris in the Dream World and a sketchy, large shadow in the nightmare.


At one point of life, Mari's uncle (or, possibly, her biological father), Gwendel (possibly named Glenn), married Mari's mother (possibly named Ana), who was his brother's love of life. Since then, the two brothers began a rivalry, with Gwendel's brother hating him more and more.

At some point of life, some incident spurred Mari's imprisonment in her room and her mother's death. Father isolated Mari as much as possible, hiring a maid and a tutor. However, Gwendel still made his impact on his niece, sending a stuffed penguin to her. However, Gwendel was unable to save her from his brother. Eventually, he began to "mold" Mary into a faithful lover by sexually abusing her.

It is said in the game that magic exists in Mari's world; it is possible that, in order to keep Mari less aware of sexual abuse, he began to design a perfect, pink, happy dream world with magical powers, with many characters that represent some people in Mari's life: Bunnilda represented Mari's maid, Foxanne represented Mari's tutor, and Penn Guindel represented Mari's uncle, Gwendel. Boaris was the representation of himself, which is shown by his concern with her not giving her petal to him.

Depending on the player's actions, Mari can enter the nightmare world - an alternate version of the Dream World, in which aspects of what Mari knows to be true are contained, and which looks horrific. In the nightmare hallway, Mari can find a fox pelt, a stuffed penguin, a rabbit, and a boar's head. However, the first three can be found ripped, which implies that they were murdered by Mari's father. If Mari takes the three rusty keys and has the Gold Leaf Key, she can find a tree door and escape from the sketchy shadow chasing her.

When she escapes, she awakes in her real bedroom, and can unlock the door by using the Gold Leaf Key. However, it is implied that Mari might be still dreaming...


  • It is possible that his name is Boris.