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Edgar "Fat Ed 'Tubbs is the main protagonist of the television series Fur TV puppet show for adults. He is a blue frog suffering from obesity and digestive problems. Despite being the star of the series, he is actually a good example of a villain protagonist, being extremely vulgar, sexist, violent and drunkard in any situation. Almost every episode usually hitting Mervin, mostly due to his utter stupidity.

Fat Ed is not extremely bad in the sense of wanting to maliciously harm others as his frequent violent outbursts are usually the result of provocation, albeit often minor because of his exceptionally short temper . Occasionally but not always, often becomes an antihero to meet other antagonists, such as the episode "Hairy Cuffs", although in most episodes he plays an antagonistic role, this can be clearly seen in the episode "Merverella". He also tends to have criminal tendencies, in several episodes is hiding guns or make deals with the Mafia.

Ed & Mervin

Fat Ed strangling Mervin.

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