I love you!
~ Fat Cat

Fat Cat manages all the rides and attractions of Zootopia, a popular amusement park, while the owners Pa and Ma D'kee are missing. However the park becomes a place of horror under his management since Fat Cat closed the main doors, trapping everyone inside, made all the rides go haywire and gave excessive balloons to children, sending them flying off. The park staff also cannot take a rest since he's watching them all the time.

After solving many of the park's problems, Aiai and the gang confront Fat Cat and his head goes off to everyone's amazement. Pa and Ma D'kee come out and explain: Fat Cat was a robot designed to keep everyone in the park entertained and when they had enough fun they could leave. Unfortunately it started to malfunction and due to the main office's high location none of them had any idea of what was going on in the park.