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This scum Fashoom
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So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
or he will send Darth Vader to terminate you.

Fashoom is a villain in the Aladdin TV series. He is the giant evil Cyclops who lives high above the clouds in a castle on a floating island. In his castle is one of the biggest treasures of all times. Legends told about Fashoom robbing caravans of their treasure and killing all who try to steal his treasure until one day, Fasir casts a spell on him. For the next thousand years Fashoom is frozen in stone.

1,000 years later, the funny thieves named Abis Mal and Harud Hazi Bin steal Fashoom's diamond eye out of the stone body of the cyclops causing him to wake up out of his sleep. He is extremely angry and cantankerous that someone tried to steel his eye and his treasure. Aladdin and his friends (of course) killed him and bury him below his own castle (forever) dead.


  • The Prophet Motive was likely aired out of order since Fashoom had appeared before in two episodes prior, Caught by the Tale and Sneeze the Day.
  • His blue color is identical to Genie's blue color, but he looks like Genie Jafar.

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