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Fart, a.k.a The Fart, is a Disgustoid that is made up of several butts and wears a green belt with a gold heart buckle. He makes light toot noises when he walks or if he touches something. He is voiced by Pat Duke.


Fart is a guy who is made out of butts. He has a big butt on his head that moves when he talks, and two blue eyes with eyelashes. He has a butt on his face that serves as his abs and he has three little butts on his chest that serve as the rest of his abs. He has butt cracks on his arms and legs, and butts replacing his hands and feet. He wears a green belt with a golden heart-shaped buckle on it. Ironically, the only place where he doesn't have a butt is on his rear end.


The Fart is the most sensitive and caring out of all the Disgustoids. His tastes and actions are more refined as he tries to make more of an effort to understand the humans and abide by their culture in hopes of abolishing their hatred for Disgustoids. He is also the most logical out of all of them, preferring to think things through before just jumping into them.

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