Farsight is a supervillain from the Extinctioners universe and a member of the Trackers, a group of superhuman humanimals loyal to the Hunters - although many of the Trackers are essentially slaves to the invaders' due to Mind-Collar technology they remain a dangerous threat to the main cast and other native life on Alden as they hunt down and capture other superhuman beings on the planet, in preparation for a mass-occupation of the planet by humanity some time in the future.

Farsight himself was a selfish and arrogant individual who willingly allied with the invaders after they bribed him with the idea of self-fulfilling rewards, yet when he learned to full scope of the invasion at hand he had second thoughts and it is now debatable how much of his work is willing and how much is down to the Mind-Collar around his neck.

Whether free or enslaved Farsight is a dangerous adversary capable of emitting powerful blasts of energy from his eyes and being partnered with the Hunter known as Ashen Msaka.