Farfan and Esther are the supporting antagonists from 2007 animated film, Noah's Ark (El Arca in Spanish, as the film is from Argentina). They are a couple of petty thieves and swindlers frequent Noah and his family, leaving numerous times indebted.


  • Farfan: One of the two con artists who proves to be a thorn in the side of Noah, his family and the animals. He is somewhat manipulative and arrogant, as he states that he "has a gift for finding idiots". The shorter of the two con artists, he is more easily distinguished than his female partner-in-crime by his light green skin and his baldness.
  • Esther: The second of the con artists. Apparently, she comes from a family of criminals, as she mentions that her grandfather was a swindler, but he ended up killed by a former partner (who may have been Farfan, given his reaction). She has some proficiency with a needle. The taller of the two con artists, she is distinguished by a healthier skin coloration, red hair, and earrings.


After leaving bankruptcy, Noah (after preparing to build his ark) would get a strong rain which would be the known deluge then farfan and ester would run desperately to the ark for salvation, after arrivar board would bump into numerous dangerous species of animals, so it would masquerade of a rare creatures named as the "Saltafontes", unnoticed all the animals, to reach land wrongly they would be stranded in the arctic continent along with other animals, running concerned with being eaten by polar bears.


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