"Mrs" Fanny Adolf is a "villain" (of sorts) in the Hank Zipzer book series. She is the cruel abusive, mean, strict, overbearing, no nonsence teacher of the main character Henry "hank" Daniel Zipzer. Though technicly not a truly evil character she lies somewhere in betweean an antagonist and a true villain which would make her a "sort of villain" but a villain nonetheless. None of the caracters in the stories are evil or truly hated enemys but some (like her) have appeared so much that they can almost be called that. Fanny is sone to have some good in her: she is shown in the book "tale of two tails" to be very motherly and sweet to her family and in another book she actually applauds hank when he wins a contest (actully a baseball game contest) and in "help somone get me out of fourth grade" she in a very uncharacter like moment shows some "dude" persionality when she says to hanks father something like: "i got that down man" she hovever never complements the studants or encourages hank frequently insulting him and never really hooping he does better. However she has stated that she thinks that her attitude is nessecary for people to behavwe. which would put her in a pitifull possesion. While not a truly evil teacher hank states that she wears all the clothing that one would normally associae them with: noting but grey. Her only known reletaves are a pet dog and an unseen husband. It was origonaly planned for the books to be turned into a tv show on nickalodian but this never came through. Granted she's not a truly evil character but she is kinda similar to the stock evil teacher. Hank mentiones that he thinks she has an even meaner twin sister. Despite all her bad traits she id let hank pass fourth and fifth grades. Fanny does seem to not truly look down on Hank, she stated that she was glad to know he was thinking of taking study hall. She is really more of a control freak than a villain.

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