The Fanloid (X-10) is a Metaloid that Enter created with the "to blow off" Metavirus in his plan to get Blue Buster alone and exploit his Weakpoint as so he would be disabled to fight.

It has a fan on it's chest that can spin to either emit a powerful gust or be reversed to become a vacuum. He also spoke in sentences that relate to air in someway.

With Ryuji near critical, Gorisaki Banana made the very risky choice of using himself as a shield, standing up long enough for Ryuji to disable the Fanloid with a shot from the Ichigan Buster to the fan, then was deleted with a Special Buster shot.


  • Identification Number: X-10
  • Install Metavirus: FUKITOBASU
  • Production Motif: Fan
  • Height: 205 cm.
  • Weight: 254 kg.