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is a boss in Kirby's Epic Yarn. He is the first boss in the game, being fought in Grass Land. He is also seen during the battle agains Yin-Yarn.

Fangora is a traditional-looking green dragon with red wings, entirely made out of yarn and button. And even if his wings are not that big, he is capable of flying rather quickly. He also has a pointy pink extendable tongue he uses to attack Kirby and Prince Fluff in a similar fashion to a grapple hook. His weak spot is a red button that is usually hidden in his throat but that is exposed at the tip of Fangora's tongue after the yarn dragon is hit. He attacks by buffeting Kirby and Fluff away, shooting fireballs at them, harpooning them with his tongue. His fireballs can be wrapped up and thrown at him. If his tongue attack misses, he will let his weak spot opened to damage, and Kirby might grab it and shoot it to the dragon. After a hit, Fangora flies off screen, dives in the background and flies up from the ground.

After three hits, Fangora will be defeated, granting the player of the second Magic Yarn and othus unlocking Hot Land.