Cha fango

Fango is a Mamodo and a villain in the manga/anime series Zatch Bell.


Fango and Adler are teamed up with Jedun and Eskaruro Run and they fight Ponygon and Karudio. When Sauza questions Adler about Faudo destroying the world, Adler answers that the world is worthless with nothing to protect. His cold answer irritates Sauza. Fango was able to overpower them by working in combination with Jedun, something Ponygon and Karudio couldn't do. When Arth's team try to interfere, Fango tells Riou to turn on Faudo's support system which encases the four Mamodos and their respective partners in a glass tube forcing them to battle. He was able to keep them at a disadvantage until Ponygon and Karudio are able to incapacitate Jedun. Fango casts Alsem Gadyudon to try to end the battle but they are able to counter his spell and Adora is caught by Ponygon and Sunbeam, burning their book.

Powers and Abilities