The Fangatofa is the main antagonist of the Dragon Hunters episode The Return of Roger. It has the ability to blast flaming projectiles out of the vulcano on his back.


A man claiming to be Jeanneline's former husband Roger arrives at the Snoring Dragon Inn, secretly hoping to be protected by the Dragon Hunters. A day later, the inn is attacked by the Fangatofa. Although Roger claimed to be a Dragon Hunter, he hides in his room and leaves Lian Chu to attack the dragon. Lian Chu runs towards the dragon but Fangatofa shoots a flaming projectile out of his back. The flaming projectile hits the ground near Lian Chu, blasting him off his feet. The Fangatofa ignores Lian Chu and advances onto the Inn. Lian Chu then grabs the beast by the tail and him back, eventually almost throwing the beast off the sky-island. He then grabs a nearby boulder and lunges it onto the Fangatofa, causing it to fall off the island.

When Roger is told that the dragon is still alive, he lashes at the Dragon Hunters in fear, insulting them because they were not able to slay the beast.

Later that day, the Dragon Hunters set off, travelling to Jaya Pura, a place Roger mentioned while sleeping. Seeing this, Roger gets afraid again because the inn is now without protection.


Roger saves Zaza from the Fangatofa

The Dragon Hunters arrive at the island, finding it in ruins. Searching the scorched place, they deduce that the destruction was wrought by the same dragon who attacked the inn. They meet a survivor who tells him that Roger was a jester who toured around with the caged Fangatofa. On Jaya Pura, the Fangatofa broke loose and burned down the entire village. Roger then ran off, pursued by the dragon who wanted revenge for his imprisonment. Now knowing the reason for Roger's arrival at the inn, they realise that the dragon will be back. They make a deal with the survivor, ensuring payment if they kill the dragon.

Back at the inn, Jeanneline and Zaza barricade the inn while Roger relaxes. When the dragon returns, they expect Roger to fight but he runs off and locks himself in the inn. Zaza grabs the sword and at runs towards the dragon. This causes Roger to finally unlock the door and he saves his daughter in the last second. The dragon then pushes Roger over the edge of the island, but he is grabbed and saved by the Dragon Hunters. Lian Chu then defeats the dragon by using a belt to tie the vulcano on the Fangatofa's back. The dragon continues to try to shoot projectiles, causing the vulcano to swell on. It eventually explodes, killing the Fangatofa.