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Fang Teen Titans

Fang is a mutant villain in the Teen Titans TV show. He was Kitten's (Killer Moth's daughter) ex-boyfriend.


Fang looks like a regular human, but he has a spider with six legs in place of a head.

Teen Titans

After a brief breakup with Kitten, he engaged in jewelry store robberies to buy back her favor, which brought him into conflict with the Titans. After he learned that Kitten was going to her junior prom in Robin's company, he rejoined her and they were reunited. Right afterward, Fang engaged Robin in fierce personal combat, but ended up defeated and arrested along with Kitten and her father, Killer Moth.


Fang's spider head can create and spray very strong and sticky webbing. He can also spit highly paralytic poison from his fangs.

In addition, Fang can use his spider legs to move around, granting him very high speed, agility and the ability to crawl on vertical walls. The same legs also serve as effective sharp weapons.

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