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The Fandumb of the Opera (later revealed to have been Andrew Lloyd Webber) is a hardcore fan of the 2004 film adaptation of Phantom of the Opera, working to sabotage the Nostalgia Critic/Shark Jumping's crossover review of the movie and control it from the inside. He is portrayed by Doug Walker, best known for playing Nostalgia Critic.


Played by Doug Walker, the Fandumb looks like him but wearing a cheap version of the Phantom of the Opera outfit. Somehow, the phantom mask he wears is able to completely disguise his face, hiding his true identity.


As his name implies, the Fandumb is a huge fan of Joel Shumacher's adaptation of Phantom of the Opera, with a  tendency to ignore all of the flaws others point out to the point of emulating them. For example, he disapproves of Beth's better singing moments, having purposely taught her to have poor singing skills.

He considers Gerard Butler to be his favorite actor, actively doing a poor imitation of his accent ("Scottish doing French doing English"), his singing and various other qualities. While he considers the 2004 film his favorite adaptation, he is just as bemused at the idea of people not liking the stageplay as everybody else. In the end, his horse claims that like most fandoms "[he] rarely [makes] any sense", implying that he is just crazy.

In the end, it is revealed that he staged everything as a way to revive passion in his play, having been disappointed in the lack of respect in Love Never Dies.

Powers and Abilities

The Fandumb is shown to have mild skills in bomb-making and stealth, being able to appear under the tone of a pipe-organ. Other than this, he is just a regular human-being.



  • The Fandumb is meant to be an overt parody of Gerard Butler's portrayal of the Phantom, as well as the fandom behind the 2004 movie.
  • His name is a mix between "Phantom", "fandom" and "dumb".
  • Halfway through the review, he forces the crew to do a staging of his Phantom of the Opera fanfic titled Love Never Dies. In real life, Love Never Dies is the critically panned sequel to the original play, further hinting at the Fandumb's true identity.